Soy algo friki, algo otaku, algo (bastante) ratón de biblioteca, algo (más bastante aún) escritora, algo cinéfila y no puedo vivir sin música más de una semana. Nunca me pidais dibujar xD sería el apocalipsis. Adoro el mar, más bien la naturaleza en general.//I'm a bit of a nerd, otaku, a bit (more) of a bookworm, some more of a writer, a bit of a film lover and I just can't live without listening to music at least once a week. Never ever ask me to draw something xD It would be the worst thing your eyes could see. I love the sea, well, everything about nature, basically.
PS: yeah, I'm Spanish, so if I fail at writing English, sorry >.<

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the old couple behind me laughed 

Jensen talking about his daughter JJ at JibCon5 [x]

— Rudy Francisco, from “My Honest Poem”

❝ And men said that the blood of the stars flowed in her veins. ❞

- C.S. Lewis (via amandaonwriting)


So anyway I am working on a new book of people I hope you hate and are drawn to???

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